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HIGH QUALITY ALL THE WAY. We exclusively use advanced quality medical grade plastic to manufacture of Eolos. This is the same material used for medical devices meeting the most stringent requirements. The regulator is 100% rust proof and of excellent toughness against hits and scratches. Eolos is also a pharmaceutical-free product.

ONE TIME INVESTMENT ONLY. We don't believe there is a need for respiratory training product lines or additional accessories, when we can offer you one same product which delivers effective results whether your are into sports, performing arts or a respiratory rehab patient. In other words, our philosophy behind Eolos is "one time investment for a product that can effectively meet your needs".

ALL-IN-ONE single model with an universal regulator that enables YOU to decide on the resistance level you wish to train at, from very light to the most intense resistance level. This key feature allows you to take total control over your training regime and be able to meet your specific objectives.

EASY TO USE. The airflow can simply be adjusted by turning the regulator valve either to the right or left depending on the resistance level you wish to attain. Eolos design allows you to perform your exercise without hand holding it. Every Eolos comes with user-friendly instructions. Also, check out our weekly exercise section or request to receive it weekly!

ERGONOMIC COMFORT. The silicone mouthpiece is 100% antiallergic. The perfectly fitting mouthpiece offers total comfort and a pressure-free fit avoiding fatigue all together. The two bite platforms provide additional grip, safety and protection to your teeth. Allowing for a fully enjoyable breathing fitness training.

ON-THE-GO DESIGN. Eolos practical compact size and lightweight design makes it the perfect training accessory to carry it with you anywhere. (weight: <50 grams & 5 ¼" tall). Its protection case adds that extra coverage factor against dust and dirt.

SIMPLE MAINTENANCE. No need to purchase special cleansing solutions. You only need water and some soft liquid soap to keep your Eolos clean and in perfect condition.

THE BEST PRICE-QUALITY RATIO. Quality does not have to cost a fortune.

Other similar products are either heavily price tagged or market themselves as the least expensive option.

In our case we think that our customers deserve a high quality product without the unnecessary add-ons and which delivers results.

Eolos offers long lasting quality + comfort + user-friendliness + 1 year guarantee + fast & effective results at an affordable price.


Competitors charge additional dollars for a low quality protection case and even for training exercises. We don't share that sales approach. As part of every purchase of Eolos, our clients receive a free high quality pouch. Also, users can access our complimentary weekly exercises either by visiting our website or registering to receive them every week in their email inbox absolutely free.)


We even offer a 100% Risk free guarantee. 30 days Return Policy - No questions asked!